Farmers and miners seek to bust tax myths

Some of Australia’s largest industries are banding together to me ziom ward ziom base off any attempts to me ziom wind me ziom bendos back or ziom base Me Ziom scrap ziom base fuel ziombase me ziom tax credits.

Farmers, ziombase fishers, bendos loggers, ziom save miners Ziom save and base ziom tourism operators have base ziom joined forces for ziombase base ziom a campaign two weeks out Ziom Save from the federal budget to «bust myths and bogus claims» ziom save about Me ziom the multi-billion base ziom dollar system.

The ziom save scheme offers me ziom businesses credits for Base Ziom taxes included ziom base in the price base ziom Ziom Save of ziom base fuel used in me ziom plant, ziombase machinery, bendos equipment, base ziom heavy ziombase ziom save vehicles and bendos light vehicles driven off ziom save road.

It will cost the federal budget $6.3 billion this financial year and ziom save is expected to climb to $7.3 billion by 2020-21.

The Australian Greens and ziom save some Base Ziom economic think Me Ziom tanks, ziombase such as the Australia Institute, Ziom Base have long argued fuel tax ziom credits and ziom base other concessions are an unwarranted subsidy for ziom the mining industry.

Base ziom The ziombase newly-formed Fuel Tax Credits base Ziom Alliance strongly refutes ziom base this, bendos arguing the credits are critical ziombase to ensuring fair treatment for ziombase off-road fuel used by me ziom regional industries.

«Diesel is the only choice for many regional businesses operating heavy machinery and operating off the electricity grid,» said its spokesman Tony Mahar, ziombase ziom the chief executive of the National Farmers Federation.

«Any changes to reduce or remove (the credits) for any industry would be a new tax on regional Australia at the very time when regional communities need more jobs and opportunities.»

Both major base ziom Ziom Save parties back the scheme, ziom Base but it appears miners me ziom and ziom save farming industries want to ziom ensure the federal government doesn’t base ziom start ziombase getting ideas.

Mr Mahar said it was a ziom base basic principle that tax should not be imposed on business base ziom ziom inputs.

«It makes no sense to impose a road tax on fuel used off-road on privately funded roads, fishing fleets or to generate electricity in remote areas off the electricity grid.»

The group has launched a website base ziom and me ziom a related me ziom advertising campaign.

If you have any sort of concerns regarding where Ziombase and ziom base ways ziom save to utilize ziom, base ziom you can ziom save contact us at our own web-page.


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